Purchasing real estate is one of the most important decisions in a persons life. Enlisting the services of a Professional Land Surveyor before planning your home or development and investing your funds assures protection of your interest. The Professional Land Surveyor will help you with questions you may have concerning your property or the services he will be providing. The Land Surveyor should be furnished with all property information that you may have in your personal records. (i.e. deeds, title policies, previous surveys, etc.) The Professional Land Surveyor provides the information necessary for further efforts by Architects, Planners, or Engineers. In cases of litigation, he will appear in court as an expert witness, and his testimony is accepted by the court as professional evidence. He is guided by the laws of the State of Alabama, and a code of ethics which insures standards of responsibility for the protection of the public welfare.

When Do You Need A Survey?

•  When purchasing real estate
•  When submitting various zoning applications concerning real estate
•  When subdividing real estate
•  When developing real estate (construction of roads, buildings, fences, pools, etc.)
•  When a boundary dispute arises

Why Use Professional Land Surveyors?


Our forefathers knew the value of owning property and the necessity of establishing a system for the subdividing of property. These learned men also were aware of the need for accurate records and maps of the ownership of the various parcels. Our country was very "small" when George Washington, a surveyor, became our first President; and when Thomas Jefferson, our third President and a surveyor, set down in writing the guidelines for dividing our country into parcels for individual ownership. These guidelines are the basis of the way land is subdivided today. It is this inherent right of ownership, these great men were a part of creating, that makes today's registered land surveyor one of the most important professionals to employ for any real estate transaction. Although only a court of law can determine ownership, only the Land Surveyor, who has qualified himself or herself through education, experience and who has passed an examination for registration required by the State of Alabama, can determine boundaries of property.

How Much Will A Survey Cost?


Land surveying costs are dependent upon many factors, such as the type of survey required, availability of existing records and monuments, the type of terrain and location of the work to be performed. Competitive bidding for the lowest cost does not necessarily assure the best interest of the client or the Land Surveyor. In addition to salary costs, surveying fees include allowances for business overhead, such as taxes, insurance, office rent, telephone, postage, electricity and other items of cost essential for the conduct of a Land Surveying business. The costs for monuments, travel time, copying and recording fees and other direct expenses must be calculated and are often charged in addition to the normal per diem fee. Because of these variables it is often difficult to determine an exact fee; however, based on general experience the Surveyor can usually furnish an approximate estimate of cost.


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